Sunday, January 20

lovely evening

{Friend & I}
whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this?
comment below.


MyOwnBiggestFan said...

first thing that comes to mind: damn thats fabulous.


The Clothes Horse said...

You look like you're running away together. I like it--like there's a piece of a story here.

Gabriela said...

It looks like two rebel kids sneaking out a school dance or something like that to do something fabulous in amazing outfits.

Bojana said...

Something edgy and beautiful. No really, I love this shot. Beautiful

- said...

Sneaking out for a fantastic night out ballroom dancing.

Oh, shoot my vivid imagination.
(Fourth/fifth comment in one day? I'm not sure, but please don't find it creepy!)

jaime. said...

oh my goodness i'm riveted and obsessed and intrigued by your blog. so inspired by your style/photography at such a young age. i've been sitting here at work for HOURSSSS going through literally every single archived post. i'm gonna get fired. xoxo.

and it loos like you're running out of the school dance together to just enjoy... each other. stunning.