Saturday, January 12

My dearest Alber,

Between the perfect corals and billowing fabrics, you once again amaze me.

How do you do it?

Now readers, there is something you need to understand before you read any further.
I've done my best to make it very clear that I REFUSE to be another "blog".
I will give my opinion, not matter what Anna Wintour or her posse says.
For instance, when someone asks me "What was your favorite collection??!?$!$@!"
you will never hear the words "Marc Jacobs" come out of my mouth.
I think he's an idiot half the time.

so if you are looking for honest opinions
and you are sick of clones answering that generic question with a simple "Marc Jacobs" or "Anna Sui" because thats what they heard on The Style Network
then I am pleased to announce that you won't find that here.


Stephanie said...

Oooh Lanvin was gorgeous this season! I'm not usually one to go for the simple and elegant (I prefer Galliano, Comme des Garcons, etc), but Alber Elbaz's collection was still amazing in my opinion.
And I'm so excited about the future of your blog - I'm sick of all these teen voguers talking about how Audrey Hepburn "inspires" them to wear black and Marc Jacobs is the best designer in the history of the world and whatnot. Definitely coming back for more!

MyOwnBiggestFan said...

Yesss, I like Marc...but he's not my where near! haha.

I DO love Anna Sui...her collections never dissappoint.

thanks for keeping it stylishly real!


blair said...

i like those designers but they arent may favourite and i am glad its not just me who noticed.
good for you for being original

blair xox