Thursday, January 17

separate myself.

jeans, not sure
shoes, converse
vest, jcrew
shirt, h&m
glasses, thrift

by an outstanding number of votes for more outfit posts
I thought I'd do a quick one.


cinderella said...

love the outfit.
and is that your dorm? its amazing!

Caroline said...

yup! thats it. thanks for replying...i find it funny that 20 some people wanted me to post outfits but i've only gotten 1 reply. hahaa

Anonymous said...

its not that great, that's why

Caroline said...

haaaaaaaa how clever!

Anonymous said...

i wasn't trying to be clever i was being honest. no offense! but its just a t-shirt, jeans and vest. nothing special, it's been done before.

Hannah Cheeto said...

Very cute. I'm glad to see someone else got that vest! (I have it and I absolutely love it but I've never seen anyone else with it). As far as the anonymous person, what an idiot. You probably have no style (or self-esteem) yourself.