Tuesday, February 5

Italy, the first of many photo posts.

Well ladies! it was a very relaxing trip. I refuse to get personal and these blogs, but I can say it was successful in more than just one way. Lets just say I finished what needed to be done. I promised plenty of street style, but that is where the disappointment comes in. I didn't get that much done! Honestly, there was nothing AMAZING. It was Carnival Week in Italy, where people dress up...as you will see in the photos...so that was rather distracting. I will post a few times a day with different photos and what not, but all of you wanting photography, I had no problem finding that, just nothing that blows me away.
First of many lovely photographs...

I couldnt get her attention, so I just snapped the photo from behind, because thats all I really wanted anyways.
I hope you all had a good week!

ps- can someone please explain The Catcher In The Rye fascination? I hated it. hahahaha. I know there is symbolism. someone fill me in pleaseeee!


Stephanie said...

I didn't like that book either, I think lots of teens do though because it is very angsty. Eurgh.

LINDA ♥ said...

Ahaha. Ummidk. I really enjoyed it because I'm big on symbolism and psychological realism. It's just more of a personal preference, really. =P

MyOwnBiggestFan said...

How stunning is this picture? SO STUNNING! Taha. I've answered my own query.


Lovey said...

People should read this.