Tuesday, February 19

Jane, ageless, Minneapolis

Name: Jane Belfry
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Age: I am ageless.

What is your favorite thing you own?: My vintage black motorcycle boots, and my tan Cholé Paddington bag.
What are you looking forward to most in Spring? neutrals with splashes of color.
What is one thing every girl should own? A fabulous black dress.
Most unique/original thing you own?: My signature vintage fur coats.
What is one thing you wish would come back in style?: 60's mod-beatnik style.
What trends do you hate? Leggings, slogan tee shirts, scenester styles, and mainstream fashion.
Who is your style icon?: Kate Moss, Brigitte Bardot, Penelope Tree, Jane Fonda, Edie Sedgwick, anyone with a style of their own. 
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anna. said...

ow do u find people to interview?