Thursday, February 7

Lisa, 13, Sweden

all photos taken by Lisa

Who is your style icon?:
Actually, I don't have a specific style icon. I don't get more inspiration from celebrities just because they are famous, for example.
Favorite places to shop:  I shop almost everywhere, all from H&M to second hand. One of my favorite designers is Acne.
New favorite trends for spring?: I've always loved dresses, scarves and skirts with flowers on it. Thin light clothes and my white Keds.
Best purchase you've ever made:I think I must say my black shoes I bought at Beyond Retro in London. I love them! I almost use them all the time!
What should every girl own?: A nice pair of shoes. I am searching for them right now!
What inspires you most?: Pictures, people walking down the streets, music and what's popping up in my head! Almost everywhere.
"And with this I want to say thanks to all my readers, love to you all!"

So inspirational at such a young age. You can see more outfits and photos taken by Lisa here.


anna. said...
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Anonymous said...

oh i love lisa's fashion! i have her blog on my rss feed, even though i can't read swedish. does she have an english blog as well?

Caroline said...

isnt she adorable? i dont believe she does, but it has motivated me to learn swedish. haha.
to the deleted comment-...i have a myspace if you want to know. haha

LINDA ♥ said...

Lol, she is absolutely adorable.
I remember someone pretending to be her on the Teen Vogue forums, though. ahaha.

nadia said...

i did not know this girl was 13?!?!
i thought she was so much older.
around 20, more like it...ahhhaahaha

Caroline said...

haha i know! i thought she was at least 16 or so. quite inspiring.