Thursday, February 14

one step farther in pursuing my dream.

oh my wonderful readers I have good news.
Today, while shopping at a small boutique 
that has exquisite little ethnic pieces 
I started talking to the owner who wants me to become a buyer for his store!
For those of you who haven't noticed, I am going to fashion school next year to become a fashion buyer for a store like Saks or Neiman Marcus, etc.
So this is a pretty big step and will look so good on applications and what not.
So, considering that I leave for Belize on Wednesday, he wants that to be my first "mission".
I also am planning on going to Kenya or a nearby country end of the year/beginning of 2009.
My latest purchase:

it's really lightweight and breezy, perfect for the beach.


anna. said...

thats what i hope to do when im older.
of course,
i doubt i have the fashion ability.
good luck,
and well done!

Caroline said...

aw! i bet you could :) go for it! who knows, maybe we'll end up working together one day. hahaa

nepalese_princess said...

how totally awesome!! do your best on your "mission" okay!!

Caroline said...

oh i will :) thank you!

Natasha said...

wow, much congrats and good luck! Have a wonderful time in Belize.