Friday, March 28

4am is coming too soon

Hat, Vintage
Dress, my friends
Boots, my friends, thrifted
Bracelets, World Market & Italian street market

Spent the day thrifting with my mum!
(Brand New Buys post coming soon.)

I'm leaving at 4am for California.
plenty of posts to come while I'm at my sisters though,
don't worry.

and another note: the air was blowing up my dress,
 thats why I look strangely huge. hahaha

mmmmm hat.


Nay'Chelle said...

Love the outfit!

Combat boots make me look like a tooth pick with cement blocks on my legs. I'm jealous, I wish I could pull them off as well as you.

Svenske Floyd said...

Felice viaggio!

Sam said...

and that hat is gorgeous! love it!

jellofer said...

thanks for your comment :)

cute outfit, I wish I could pull off wearing a hat like your's!

it's a secret. said...

you look great!
love your bloggg.

mine is

leave me a comment and tell me what you think :)

talk to you soon. xoxo

capturedlife said...

great hat, great pictures, great blog

Caroline said...

thanks, darlings :) i got here to california safe, and now i'm going photo hunting. haha

Ana said...
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Ana said...

cute outfit,you worked the combat boots.

Anonymous said...

those boots offer the perfect contrast to the dress!

lulu said...

Love the boots ;)