Friday, March 7

BNB, new feature.

I'm going to try out a new idea!
BNB (Brand New Buys) will hopefully feature often.
Spring is coming, and for me, it is time to update.
So lets give this a go...

Jean vest, H&M, 19.99
Green mini purse, H&M 12.99
Skirt, H&M 19.99
Shoes, H&M 12.99


Katie said...

12 bucks for those shoes? i need some now! thats way better than dropping 30 on keds

Riley said...

i was in H&M today too! Cute everything...i wanted the shoes but they didn't have my size! and i loved that skirt!

Caroline said...

thanks! yeah, i am so excited to wear them. i've been meaning to pick some up for a while now.

Sammie said...

i love the shoes and the skirt! i can never find things this good at the h&m near my house.

Anonymous said...

oooh! I've had my eye on that purse.
everything looks great