Monday, March 24

California count down: 5 days

Hat, Urban Outfitters
Shorts, Urban Outiftters
Shirt, (old) Urban Outiftters
Shoes, H&M
would be wearing tons of vintage bracelets

Getting ready for some California lovin'!
I'll be in Santa Barbara for the weekend for my senior photos.
My sisters bestfriend is a photographer at Brooks Inst.
I'll be sure to share the photos because they will be AMAZING.

I promised an outfit with the hat, and this is what I came up with.
Hope you enjoyyy.


elise said...

cute! great shot as well! im so jealous.. still wearing pants and jackets here.

bianca banca said...

very cute!!! and so summery! I love the hat.

Caroline said...

thanks girls! elise, don't worry, its actually cold here too. but that wont stop me from trying on different things to plan ahead. haha

Nay'Chelle said...

love the outfit.

It's very simple and breezy.

Aindrea said...

cute outfit :)
i'm linking you now, hope you do the same x


i like ur outfit! and i cant believe those shoes are from H&M!
I'm so jealous ur off to santa barbara.. it's like one of my fav places in california- enjoy the sun and warm weather~

stilettostetico said...

Delicate Dark-Haired Feline, "casual-romantic" Style, Mesmerizing melancholy : simply a Delightful aesthetic cocktail . . .

Cordially, Antoine

Riley said...

so cute! this is like what i want my style to be this summer..

Caroline said...

thanks all of you! yes, its a very comfortable outfit. relaxed, thats how my summer outfits have to be.

Stephanie said...

Cool outfit, wish I was going somewhere that warm... And I love the hat!