Thursday, March 13

i'm lagging

shirt, jcrew
pants, jcrew (great shape!)
scarf, h&m
shoes, ninewest.

the poll shows everyone is liking
my photography and outfits (thanks by the way!)
So as soon as the weather clears up, 
I will be doing photography of my outfits.
I have some pretty fun ideas, too.
for now, this will have to do.

another thing, I thrive off feedback.
The more feedback I get, the more I want to post
and be creative. Thanks to the girls that have!

another another thing (hah..)
I've made $20 off google advertisements! 
keep up the good work.

EDIT: 1,029 views in the last 7 days!?! is it true people read my blog?


daisy91 said...

Actually beautiful!xx

Anonymous said...

I like the subtle detail of the knee patches on the pants. Plus, they're perfect for that light summer slouchy look.

addicted said...

i think i need white pants, you just inspired me!