Monday, March 3

Mandy, 20, the Netherlands

Name: Mandy
Age: 20
Country: the Netherlands
Favorite thing for spring: White chiffon dress
Favorite place to shop: I buy most of my clothes at H&M and Zara. I like American Apparel for their basics, and secondhand stores for bags and shoes.
Trend you can't wait to see: It would be great if the architectural shoulders thing Margiela started would hit highstreet stores this summer.. 
Best item you've ever bought: My black motorcycle boots. Got them at a secondhand store for almost no money and they are fantastic. I wear them pretty much everyday.
What influences your style?: Parisian stree tstyle, scandinavian style blogs, old movies and music. 
Any particular era you wish you lived in?: I love a lot of different things about different eras. But if I had to choose just one, it would be the 60's. I really love the style of Jane Birkin, Edie Sedgewick and Audrey Hepburn. 
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