Wednesday, March 5

not really what I was going for...

I actually like how this turned out.
Not my most original outfit, by far...
but it will be perfect for walking the streets of Italy this summer.

Which scarf? My roommate chose the greenish one.
I can't choose, so I leave the decision up to you lovely readers.

Listening to:
Rich Girls-The Virigins

I also meant to mention how sorry I am for the boring outfit photography. i usually like to something much more inspiring, but its too cold outside, I've had tons going on. Soon!


Ana said...

i it suits you.

would you like to trade links?

Caroline said...

of course! thank you :)

Gabriela said...

i like the green as well, and i absolutely LOVE those shoes!

Sleepyhead said...

My favourite is the blue, it is such a beautiful blue, but hey all look fabulous against the white dress :)

Fashion Student said...

I agree with your roommate, choose the green. And, I'm in love with your shoes.

Ediot said...

i have to say the red one. :)
i envy you. being in italy.
how is the weather there now? cold?