Monday, March 10


I posted this first photo a while ago, when I first received the vintage shrug from my Grandma. yes it is vintage before this whole anti-fur fad. I am in complete agreement with being against fur, but in this case, it's a little different. feel free to disagree.

but back to the main reason of this post. I just found the "left overs" of the shoot, and I actually like the second choice, too.

But I think I will stick with the first as my favorite.

{all photos taken by me}


lepeacock said...

I like your hair in the first one.

The coat is nice,
very very dressy and over the top glamorous for a night-out kind of a thing, but it is still ok.

i think its gross to wear a dead animal around,
but its your choice, so ..
its still nice:]

Marilyn Hayward said...

I like vintage furs, too. I have a really beautiful dark chocolate colored mouton fur. Your photos are really beautiful too!

Sammie said...

this shrug looks great on you! i'm usually against fur, because of the cruelty to animals (although i do eat some meats), and the fact that it looks generally tacky. you really pull it off though =)

Caroline said...

thanks all three of you! i really don't think i will do much with it, but use it for props for photo reasons, because its not really my thing to wear fur. but thanks sammie for the lovely compliment :) and marilyn of course ;)

Sammie said...

why, you're very welcome.

Kool Thing said...

I don't disagree with vintage fur; it was socially acceptable at the time. You are really beautiful by the way!