Sunday, March 30

Santa Barbara, California

{photo of me taken by my sister. hahaha}

I'm off to the north for a day! 
Won't be back until Monday evening/late afternoon.

Plenty of photos when I come back, 
considering I'm getting my senior pictures taken by a friend while we are there. 

I'm interested in hearing what you all want to see in the near future on this blog.
Leave comments (anonymous people too!) of ideas and feedback.


the t-shirt girl said...

cant wait to see the pics! love your blog


in response to your comment,

I think it's pretty much inevitable that people wear florals for spring. Definitely not groundbreaking, but designers manage to send new ones on different pieces every season, so why not?

I'm pretty sure the Teen Vogue is relatively old, like Fall last year? I would go look through all my Teen Vogue's for you, but I need to study for AP exams

Adele said...

I love your blog how it is right now... & i wanted to say i love your profile picture outfit :)
hope you have fun! and looking forward to your pics :)


Svenske Floyd said...

Well said by Adele. Don't think of adjusting to what people are believed to want. There are already more than enough who do that. Be yourself!

Caroline said...

all excellent points. haha thank you! i'll be posting photos soon.

anna. said...

ah. i love that picture.
have fun.