Tuesday, March 4

summertime, when the livin's easy.

perfect date outfit for summer, no?

Dress, UO.
Shirt, i won't tell. too embarassing. hahaha
Shoes, Guatemala street market.
Wallet/Clutch, Italian street market
Bracelet, vintage


Nay'Chelle said...

I love your dress. I also like your outfit as a whole. It gives off a whole "world traveler" vibe to me. If that makes any sense.

Nice that you're back! I've seriously been looking like every day for your new post since you went to Belize. lol.

Caroline said...

oh darling thank you! you're so kind :)

Sammie said...

i like the whole vibe the outfit gives off. kind of earthly, wordly, or world traveler-esque. except that it makes me sad that it's still cold as anything here in jersey.

Caroline said...

thank you! i love the "safari chic" spreads i've been seeing in just about every magazine.

Kate said...

i love this outfit!
please tell me where the shirt is from hah i dont care if its embarassing i wont make fun of you i promise

Caroline said...

its from walmart! hahaha my friend picked it out, and it turns out I love it. funny how that goes, eh?