Sunday, March 9

what, are you crazy?

I was pretending it was Spring.
...even though we got 3 feet of snow this weekend.
I need to go finish my fashion school application.
Motivate me, please.

Shirt, jcrew
Pants, jcrew
Shoes,  H&M


Pater Deliciosus said...

All luck for your educational career, but please don't feel bound by limits when you write your blog! I like it a lot the way you run it. Quando ritorni in Italia?

Anonymous said...

you're amazing!!i love your work and everything you present on your blog!i'm sure you gonna make it!!

love,esra :)♥

Marilyn Hayward said...

I feel you with the seasonal has to be spring and not 20 degrees, right?

Caroline said...

esra! thank you for saying hey. i love getting anonymous comments :) always appreciated.

pater- vengo in julio! io non posso aspeto.

marilyn- its almost the middle of march! i just cant comprehend it.