Friday, April 11

Hi, this isn't me. Nice to meet you.

I (attempted) to recreate Frida Gianna's look for Gucci
from the Fall 2008 RTW line that I'm obsessed with.
Turns out most of my clothes are home,
so I improvised, BIG TIME.
sorry for the terrible photo, my camera misread the lighting.

The "rocker-chic" makeup was so much fun to do.
A complete opposite than what I am used to.
Last time I wore  thick eyeliner, I was in 7th grade
trying to be grown up.

It is safe to say that it will take awhile for this look to sink in
in order to wear it out.


bianca banca said...

very cute!!
and i love love love the make up!

Kristy said...
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Jenn said...

I love the makeup! And I love our Old Navy sandals.

PS. I'm going to link you!

Sabrina said...

The look suits you! You should wear it out!