Saturday, April 5

a new all time high. (!!)

{photos taken by me}

To my absolute surprise,
my blog reached 698 views yesterday.
It has been slowly working its way up,
but this was the new record.
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for checking it out!
It seems like everyone is enjoying it, 
which inspires me to keep goin'.

These are my latest shots of my friends baby boy, Greg. 
I'm working on a photo project that deals with just hands.
And I just love his expression in the first one. hah!

ps- I'm getting on the plane to head home today.
Back to having an actual life...urgh.


Nay'Chelle said...

The baby is so cute! Congrats on the 698 views.

Sammie said...

that baby is adorable!

Aisha said...

greg's a cutie :)
congrats on the 698 hits!

Caroline said...

thanks, girls!

Aisha said...

his little hands are so adorable.

Juliet said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :). What a cute baby !

juliet xxx