Tuesday, May 6

beans instead of meat, please.

I love hitting up fast food while wearing heels.
It makes everyone really stop and wonder you are doing there.
Cruchwrap Supreme never tasted so good. (beans, no meat!)

edit: Pensare Ancora store is now open!
click here  to see all the previous listed items.
TONS coming this weekend. oh boy. it's gonna be good.
(also, designing it is still in the works)


One Sweet Day said...

Hahaha, I know what you mean. I love to look out of place by being too dressed up.

Love your heels and scarf! I'm crazy about scarves. WHere are your heels from?

Natasha said...

that jacket is so cool!

I got fast food in heels last night too, at the end of a long night out.

Caroline said...

one sweet day- the shoes are steve madden! :) they were on sale, and i got a second pair of shoes %50 off!

Secret Agent said...

Yeah, it never feels better stepping into a crappy little place dresses in your best outfit.

nadia said...

i love how your leather jacket fits so well.
and those shoes!

Elle said...

I love your heels!
And I agree, I've always wanted to go to mcdonald's before prom or something, I know that sounds disgusting but you'd get all these crazy looks!

LML said...

great shoes! love the scarf - "it gives it a little something extra" :)

jenny h. said...

i lovee those shoes!

they are fabulous.

Betsey said...

ooh i so love your shoes!
nice touch with the scarf!

ed said...