Sunday, May 11

so much more coming next week--its unbelievable.
If you like the 70's & 80' are going to love next Friday's collections.


The Seeker said...

Thank you for being at my blog and left such nice comment.
I didn't know yours, but I've checked a bit and I'm liking it very much, so I'll be back.
Feel free to visit me ;)

Love the red dress.

enc said...

I really, really like these!

Sweet smile.

Times of Glory said...

Both looks are very pretty - the colour is just divine. I really love them x

Belle said...

i like the blazer. the shops jsut getting better and better, congrats!

Sharon Rose said...

I love this red dress! please feel free to stop by my blog-I love yours!!

aziza said...

I love! the orange dress. Unfortunately when I went to your store, there was nothing in it. IT made me sad.

Mel said...

is the red dress taken? If not I would like to purchase