Friday, May 16

Quick favor?

I was contact by someone at 
saying she would love to see me in their websites contest.
I get to show off my fun dresses and shoes
and hopefully win a trip to NYC by June.
BUT I need all of you to go vote!
With 600 daily readers, it's more than possible.


thank you all in advance!

ps-took photos for the store today.
Will be posted first thing in the morning before I leave for D.C.!


Biianca said...

thats so cool!
I have to register first with the site, but when I do I will vote for you!

Crystal said...

i voted for you in both places!!!

they are both great outfits btw

Crystal said...

oh ya another thing

how do you get 600 daily readers?

The Seeker said...

Ok dear, I'm ging to do it.
I hope you'll win what you want.


Runaway Gallery said...

I know that music video is so innovative! Good luck on the Kaboodle contest I'm sure you can win it. You've got my vote. :)