Sunday, June 15


Instead of taking the usual Mary-Kate Olsen turn
to this outfit and piling on jewelry like all my bracelets and rings,
I decided to wear a vintage necklace watch.

Also, I picked up this dress at The Cube at Marshalls.
Be sure to check that area out! They have some pretty fantastic stuff.


The Seeker said...

Oh dear I love those necklace watches. I wish I had one.
And you look very pretty.


Wendy said...

You look so cute, love the watch necklace.

Laurel said...

Bella! I love this outfit, and your hair is so gorgeously long. I totally voted for you! I love that summer dress, it's lovely and you look beautiful in it too.

When does the contest end for you, bb? I would love to give you a shout-out in my next entry! Hope you're well, and THANK YOU for voting for me!


Laurel said...

Pretty girl! I would love to post you, anything for my blogging-babies! You've been helping me like crazy, too - thank you so much. Let's do voting shout-outs for each other!

We'll get you to NYC, bb! Maybe we'll both go!? The VMag contest ends August 1, which I just discovered they changed (it was July 16, hmm?).

Anywho, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what happens. Thanks for your help, love.


Knight Cat said...

ow i love the maxi dress, i must have one in my own closet.

also loving the plaid shirt!

saray said...

i like it :)

cupcakes and cashmere said...

love how you kept your jewelry simple and sophisticated. i'm going to keep an eye out for a piece this weekend when i hit up the local flea market!