Sunday, June 8

Pensare Ancora coming to a city near you

It's probably true. I start a road trip tomorrow 
driving across the country to So. Cal. 
SO if you live anywhere between the mid west and California,
I will probably be around. 

BUT I am quite excited to announce the store
is back up and running after a short hiatus. 
I've been super busy but I've worked 9 hours
taking photos, editing, and what not.
Make my hours worth it and bid.
Some of my favorite items:

And yes, thats right. Jewelry. LOTS of jewelry. 
going for $1 and $2. 

shop at:
(link in blog roll)

Talk to you all next week!


The Seeker said...

Have a nice trip! Enjoy and have fun.
Nice stuff in store ;)

Andy said...

Good stuff!
Have a nice trip btw.

check my blog when you'll have the time. x

kyutie said...

hi! how are you doing?! WOW.. i love the bracelets they look so cute!

** I have added you on my links, care for link exchange?

take care,

AsianCajuns said...

Love that sailor inspired dress!
Have fun on your trip (greetings from the ATL ;)!