Saturday, June 14

what I wore today

I have never been one to wear shorts and heels.
It comes off a bit....tacky? trashy?
but after seeing people like Fashion Toast, along with many others
I decided to try it out.

Also, the white jacket you see here
is one of my many items for sale in the store right now.
if you're interested.
If not, I wont mind keeping it for myself.


Shen-Shen said...

I think shorts & heels look good.. They do here! :D

I only think it comes off tacky/trashy if the shorts are micro and the heels are sky high. And I think that's more of a problem with skirts, anyways.

Anonymous said...

those gladiators are ace!

The Seeker said...

Oh, I like shorts and heels.
It makes an elegante silhouete.
And you've such great legs to wear shorts.


mej said...

same here! i used to find it tacky/trashy. but upon seeing it on an enormous amount of outfit posts (fabsugar lookbook, chictopia, fashion blogs, etc) i've been wanting to try it. i love that you paired it with a white bomber (?) jacket. it's so unique.=)

annabananna said...

i think you look fab in heels and shorts! and i really like that color on you.

Tinky Minky said...

I like I like I like! :-)

Siljesfashion said...

Very cool.

Lena said...

I really want wedges like yours in black! You don't look trashy at all. The color of that overall(?) really suits you!