Tuesday, July 1

sta bene.

Picture quality will improve soon, no worries.

I'm here safe! and to my delight I got the only room in the villa
with a balcony.
Our luggage was lost for awhile, but it is here now so outfits will
be abundant, as well as photography.

A presto!

ps- did I mention how werid it is that I'm wearing sandals with no heel?
I went out last night with friends and it was the strangest feeling...


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your skirt!!

fashionista said...

the skirt is so cute <3

Dapper Kid said...

The shirt is lovely!! And I'm loving the laid back look, it's still ultra chic but looks effortless :)

The Seeker said...

yes, lovely skirt and no heels.
Well, I'm dieing to wear my gladiator flats, but everytime I think about it I feel weird...


Nadia said...

that is gorgeous.
and you are so lucky!

are you just vacationing in italy?