Saturday, July 5

what would you call these?

I don't know what to call these pants.
Parachute pants, maybe? 
Anyway, they are my favorite new purchase among a leather
bag, gorgeous leather gloves and a few other little things.

Now I'm off for the rest of the day!


rohit said...


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pammish said...

i think they are parachutes (from kingdomofstyle's post before) ? ilike 'em! :)

yiqin; said...

You have such beautiful hair!!!!! I am so jealous :( When I let down my hair, it just poofs out :/ Ahhh I wish I can wear pants so well too. Pants make me SO insecure :/

karen said...

helllo! i love your outfit! i think the drop crotch pants are called jhupdors[?] i think totally butchered the spelling, it doesn't come to me right now...i will get back to you on that one!

di said...

i saw them on my vogue issue i should get one of those!


Anonymous said...

...hammer pants?

Anonymous said...

jodhpurs? i've seen other people call them that before. eh. but, i wouldn't know from experience. i've never actually seen pants like that anywhere down here. ha. but, they are very nice! and i've been wanting a pair after i saw it making its rounds on the blogs. everyone seems to have them! i'm jealous. =)

Svenske Floyd said...

I would have said "balloon pants".

Chelle said...

Its called Jodhpurs!...the Harem pants are the ones with a bigger bottom, whereas Jodhpurs have a skinnier bottom just like yours...=)

I have a very similiar Jodhpur, and they are comfort to the max! An obsession at one point. So much so that i slept in them...haha


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Romeika said...

I have noticed these pants in some women, and they do look fabulous, a sort of laid-back chic. Not sure how these are called though. Lovely background on your shots!

Pria said...

I dunno why, but in France they call them sarouel. Great job on the blog :)

CoutureCarrie said...

In all the mags they were calling them "drop-crotch" pants - bravo to you for wearing them!!

Richel said...

i would say more like a cross between parachute pants and chinos, they're too trendy to be associated with mc hammer!

Sugar Pop said...

I'd call them cool pants to the extreme. XD

Krystal said...

They are almost jodhpurs, They look fantastic!