Sunday, September 28

Can I be you for a day?


photos by The Sartorialist,, Modeferber, Stockholm Street Style, Copenhagen Street Style, I believe.

A parcel is waiting for me at the post office to be picked up at 8:00am sharp.
Anyone want to guess what it is?


Jillian said...

i love the girl in the gray jacket w/ the pink accessories. She is so polished and it's very unlike anything I would ever wear... but I really love the photograph!

thank you for sharing bb!! xo

Soogie said...

OOO OOO!!! im gonna guess new shoes!

or a coat...

guess what? my mom got me a leather jacket from korea.. sooooo excited to see!

i need more tights..

beccajanie said...

i love the red jacket with the wide leg slacks.. lovely.

Juliet said...

They look so chic.

juliet xxx

alex hannah said...

yes, i defiantly wouldn't mind being
one of these ladies for a day.

Bojana said...

Great pictures, and I'm officially reaaaaally loving your blog and thus linking you.

saray said...

I love those outfits!

fashion herald said...

love the peach braided scarf, so pretty. but my favorite is the red jacket, because that's Erin O'Connor, right?

xAx said...

I'll be Emmanuelle without a doubt, please!!!