Wednesday, January 14

I'M HOME! time for a haircut?

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Well, I'm back to Cleveland and it's 7 degree as a high weather.
SO bummed, but I'm happy to be home and starting my new semester.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind emails (and comment!) concerning my safety with the earthquake.
It hit in San Jose, and I was on the west cost, in Papagayo. It didn't affect us at all, 
but our prayers are with the families of those who died.

On a lighter note, I need to do something with my hair!
The ocean and pool water was everything but nice to it, so it is currently a tangled mess.
I was thrilled when I opened Elle and saw this editorial. 
I love the length & layers, but I think I'll save the bangs for a little later-I have to work myself into this one.

Hope everyone is well! 
I am going to go get caught up on all the new bloglovin posts and my TiVo'd shows.


Jenny H. said...

the weather in cleveland is ridiculous.
im hoping for a cold day tomorrow!
gah it is tooooo cold.

Jenny H. said...
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Jenna said...

CAROLINE - you MUST get that 'do! It will look sensational on you! Glad you're back safely & chat soon! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment, yeah I live in Costa Rica but I'm not from here, I was born in England and I'm of Irish decent (that's the short version), but yes, I'm fine after the earthquake, nothing really happened, just a few paintings became wonky and a couple Christmas ornaments broke, maybe it's time to take down the tree. How was your vacation here?

Zoelissima said...

i think you should risk the fringe... it's gorgeous!

I just linked you to my blog, come check it out sometime!

zoe x

Anonymous said...

fringe, fringe, fringe all fringe in Paris!!!! hot trend!!!!! so great!!! j'adore


Mmmmmm gorgeous. DO IT!


Taylor said...

wow these are gorgeous
i want her hair!

Katie said...

i would love to get my hair cut like that! i got it cut yesterday, like three inches, but that just made me want to go shorted and get something totally different! Maegan said...

I need a new hair style as well. Loving this :)

JuliAM said...

love the first editorial picture. i'm suffering ohio weather as well. solidarity. :)

La Fée said...

that haircut is divine! you HAVE to get it :)

STEFANIE said...

Very nice pictures & VERY nice cut!

fashion herald said...

that's some hot metal hair!