Friday, January 16

IT'S -6 DEGREES OUTSIDE || narcissism at its finest.

Photos taken by me.

It's true. Today I had a relapse- I took self portraits.
I used to do this when I was first learning to use my SLR and I didn't have a willing model, but my 
brother's girlfriend has the most incredible lens I've ever seen.
(Investing in one, by the way) 
She let me use it for the day. So I played. For hours.

Oh, and driving to school this morning my car told me it was -15 degrees out.
So, as a result, no outfit posts. 
I've been living in the default black pants, boots, and coats.


syd vicious said...

Aw I hate cold weather! Those pictures are so clear. The first one is my fave, you look so cute!

belle.chantelle said...

me too my child.. freakin COLD!

Bambola said...

Nothing wrong with self portraits! Your skin looks gorgeous.. Not a blemish! You're very lucky. =)

Hope you keep warm.

Bambola x

Svenske Floyd said...

Indeed, nothing wrong with self-portraying! It is useful photo exercise, and it tells you something of yourself. I like the third from above the most, some Mona Lisa in it.

ana b. said...

Argh why are good lenses always so damn expensive? I'd have to start selling my organs on the black market. Lovely photos.

Anthea said...

Aw you look gorgeosity! I am starting to get into photography. Check out my Tokyo Fashion Pics and my latest article on the penniless fashionista..I would love to hear what you think!

Hannah said...

beautiful photographs! i just got an SLR too, and since no one want to be my model i just use myself and the my cats. Sad, right? but i love taking the pictures and seeing the end result.

I hope it gets warming where you live!
(for the last three days school has been cancelled because it was so cold. -30 as the high. fun fun fun!)

Imelda said...

You look really pretty in these pictures!

Ana said...

Pretty pictures.

Its way too cold here.
I am jealous that you were just in Costa Rica. I went there when I was 11, it was amazing.

Krystal said...

stay warm!!

Patricia Villablanca said...

The ultimate wooly item!

Anonymous said...

Aw, these are beautiful photos.

[Tara] said...

The 2nd photo from the bottom is truly stunning -- like something in a gallery. Beautiful!