Wednesday, February 25

HATS & my first Fashion Groups International event


I attended my first FGI event this evening and it was a blast!
It was a great chance to meet some amazing milinary designers from Cleveland.
The first photo is of two of my favorite hats of the evening
and the second is my beautiful sister Anna showing off her purchase.

My mom and I plan on visiting the designers showrooms/studios to get some custom hats made!
I'll keep everyone updated on that.


Sabina said...

Hats are so timeless & complete any look, I love the two in the photo, you chose well. You're sister's purchase is really delicate looking and sweet - a lovely texture against her hair.

love love your blog and your outfit posts, thanks for commenting on mine and allowing me to find such a great blog xx

xs said...

it sounds like an absolutely lovely experience. can't wait to hear more about it!

heleen db said...

yesss that's my favourite too!
the event sounds wonderful, such a great experience I presume!

Mode Junkie said...

hey caroline. the jacket is from h&m and the shoes are from donna karan. thanks that you liked it!
can't wait to hear about the hats.

tanya said...

I love that first hat on top--so pretty! and I REALLY LOVE that purchase your sister got, it looks great on her :-)

modern antoinette said...

Seriously, that headband is to die for. I want one!!!! You and your sister are gorgeous.

Lovely blog

Raez said...

you look gorgeous, and lucky you, you must be very excited!

and awesome blog, btw. do you want to swap links?

Darragh said...

lovely! i love your sister's headband, so cute! and that red hat, ugh! i want!

die t├Ągliche revolution said...

i'm loving that bright red hat!!!

you have an amazing blog darling, i'm following! :D


Stacey Sargent said...

Love your blog sooo much! Your style is sooo amazing! Love it!

Ohhhh and I love that instant camera you got! Im jealous!


LoveMore said...

oh thanks for your super sweet comment! too dear you are!
love these hats! can't wait to see yours :)
xxx LM

Anthea said...

She's gorgeous. Fashion Events are so much fun! Congratulations for getting out there and going to great events!

Connie Hsiu said...

oh my goodness, these hats are beautiful...i truely wish i could pull them off

Chloe said...

I love these hats, I wish I had one right now!

judy Aldridge said...

I love this picture of you...judy

fashion herald said...

that red military looking hat is really fabulous!

Saraa said...

I just bought this amazing red hat! i couldn't help it, i fall in love and 'cause it was going to disapear if i didn't buy it =P but i'm not very a "hat person"... i don't know how use it with out looking too much... i need help lol

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