Thursday, February 5

New Favorite Thing


I can't even comprehend these amazing head pieces by pretty good things over on etsy.
I plan on buying that first one, and I believe it will be coming in more colors soon!
Mustard yellow or a plum color, possibly? YES please.

I am also a sucker for
but can't seem to bring myself to spend $165 on a head piece. 
Oh the joys of being young and broke.


Juliet said...

I think the second one is just adorable.

juliet xxx

ana b. said...

I love headgear! stuff is so beautiful but I've seen much cheaper alternatives on etsy.

Patricia Villablanca said...

So beautiful!

dalya. said...

love the pics! i've just started a blog of my own after following yours for the longest time, and i would be delighted for you to check it out!


May Kasahara said...

god these are amazing. and so simple + tailored.

tailorstitch said...

those look too cute!!! love them both

Heather said...'s are beautiful, but not worth the price, imo. i have one and it fell apart in like, 3 days - and i hadn't even worn it yet! the owners are super nice and offered to fix it for me if i sent it back, but i just went out and bought some fabric glue and did it myself. i wore it once and now it just sits around my lamp shade - i stare at it all the time and think of what else i could have spent that $150 on.

[Tara] said...

I agree that Bando is just very overpriced; I would almost take my chances trying to make my own despite the fact that I'm not the least bit crafty. These Etsy finds are amazing -- how glamorous would you feel wearing these??

Annie said...

love the headpieces, but you tyhink you have money problems. I on't even have £10 so I can't go buy the new NYLON and the BEYOND FABULOUS best of british i-D! life is hard.

Hanako66 said...

I'm so glad you just showed me this!

Katie said...

i was on vacation and saw some of these in a little shop.. i regret not buying one because they were so pretty!

Anonymous said...