Monday, August 10

My last 10 days of normalcy.


{H&M tag and cardigan, Anthropologie skirt, Prada peep toes}

I spend this last weekend in Columbus with my best friend.
Had sushi and Jeni's Ice Cream.
You haven't truly lived until you've had Jeni's, by the way.
High St. is filled with so many cute little places.
Of course I'm carrying a new pair of shoes in that bag....
I keep asking myself why I keep getting such horrible credit card bills and then I see pictures like this of myself.

10 days until I move into my apartment!


Anonymous said...

i just realized we were both on high street this weekend but didn't see each other. love it.

p.s. it's lauren.

alia said...

mmm jeni's! the short north is my second home =) it looks like you were at haiku?

Caroline said...

lauren, i thought you were some creep. rugh
alia, YES! nomnomnomnonm

Amy said...

I just started reading your blog and love it! I have been in and out of New York for the past few years and absolutely love the energy, spirit and life of the city. You'll have the time of your life.

I just came back from a trip there and found an incredible restaurant called Peasant on Bowery and Elizabeth Street. It's so rustic and simply - you feel like transported to old Italy, where it's about the wine, the dine, and the good friends. Definitely try it!

Dannie said...

yay new apartment! im excited for you, can wait till those words can leave my mouth! love zee skirt as well...the draping is purty ;)))

Saraa said...

i like the complete outfit but the cardigan and the shoes caught my eye! I absolutly love them! Very nice =)

Ryan said...

Thanks for the love, Caroline :)

Anonymous said...