Sunday, August 23

New York so far (mobile uploads?)


Moved into easily the best apartment in Midtown on Friday.
Everything is coming together perfectly!

Spent Saturday eating Turkish food for lunch on the Upper East Side
then having the BEST night with new friends.

So much to do! Proper updates soon.

Monday, August 17



A day for flip flops.
I don't even think I'm taking any to New York.
They somehow just don't seem appropriate...

I will be attending the Rad Hourani ss10 show for NYFW
representing Je Veux Magazine!
I can't wait to meet tons of new and interesting people.

Time to start packing, maybe?

Tuesday, August 11

feels GREAT


Nothing to say.

Anyone going to NYFW?

Monday, August 10

My last 10 days of normalcy.


{H&M tag and cardigan, Anthropologie skirt, Prada peep toes}

I spend this last weekend in Columbus with my best friend.
Had sushi and Jeni's Ice Cream.
You haven't truly lived until you've had Jeni's, by the way.
High St. is filled with so many cute little places.
Of course I'm carrying a new pair of shoes in that bag....
I keep asking myself why I keep getting such horrible credit card bills and then I see pictures like this of myself.

10 days until I move into my apartment!

Sunday, July 19

moving to New York City!


Hey everyone!
Just want to announce I'll be moving to New York City the end of August
and I'll be starting the blog back up around that time.

This means I'll be in New York for Fashion Week....for the next 4 or 5 years! AHH.
Just want to say thanks for being so supportive and for all the sweet emails and comments.

Any one in the city? Any tips on where to go?
I got an apartment on 5 Ave and now I'm looking for a job/internship to start sometime in October.
Can't wait to hear from everyone!

Sunday, May 24



Click here to see these shoes!

I fell in love with these shoes
but then realized I never wear them.
They've been sitting pretty in my closet for months.
They need a good home!

Thursday, May 21

have I won the worst blogger awards yet?

It has been a strange couple of weeks, I'll be honest.
Went through a bad break up, worked my first photoshoot, and skipped a lot of class.
I feel like I should feel more accomplished or something?
So sorry for everything my loving readers.
I appreciate all of the love letters!

Here are a couple of photos for the photoshoot I assisted
on for the online magazine Je Veux Te Voir.
Big thanks to Devin, the style director!