Wednesday, January 23

Alma, 15, Sweden

Name: Alma Magdalena 
Age: 15
Country: Sweden

What Inspires you the most?: Magazines, blogs, even people in the street.
What is going to be your next purchase: A pattern chiffon dress with small flowers, hopefully if I ever find one!
What are you looking forward to most in Spring?: The warmth and not freezing my ass of in tights! 
What is one style you see coming back soon?: to show a bit of your belly in short tops and high-waisted shorts/skirts/pants. It makes me think of the Spice Girls :)

You check check out Alma's amazing style at her own blog here.


Wendy said...

Great post!

Caroline said...

thanks for all of your lovely comments Wendy!

style marauder said...

wow. love the blog. wanna link up?

Caroline said...

yeah sure! thanks.