Thursday, January 24

packing for Italy & restlessness.

the butterflies in my tummy are starting! I think it's a mix of excitement and the 3 cups of coffee I've allowed myself to have today. 
My best friend and I are the only two going, so we decided it would be a good idea if we packed in carry-ons. This is so we wont lose bags/have to check in and wait in lines. Now, for an average girl, it would be hard to pack for 8 days in Italy. But for me? IMPOSSIBLE. but I proved myself wrong! I actually managed to do it! ( with the help of vacuum bags. )

Here are a few photos of the makeup I'm taking and the other is for my "entertainment" carry-on.

Not bad if I do say so myself...

packing playlist:
The Penalty- Beirut
Postcards From Italy- Beirut
Fly Me To The Moon- Frank Sinatra
Sé Lest- Sigur Ros
tons of Yann Tierson
If Only I Had A Way- Timmy Curran


Anonymous said...

whoa we have like the exact same music taste. craazy. ooh and same book taste and all that... and i like your two-tone blazer! well basically, i pretty much love your overall style :]

Caroline said...

anonymous- thank you! i havent read catcher in the rye yet, but i'm really looking forward to it.

bianca banca said...

Catcher in the rye!!
AHHHHH great book, i read it for school, everyone hated it, but i loved it.
I can detail everysingle sybolism in that book lol!

Ana said...

have fun!
You'll love it in Italy-I went for a month and was obviously not bored a second.

I like the red dress.

Want to trade links?

Anonymous said...

cute blog =]

i'm starting to pack for spain soon and there is no way i'd be able to pack my stuff in a carry on.. i usually pack WAY too much when i go places though!

question: how did you put your makeup/liquids (don't you have shampoo or anything like that) in your carry on with the new security?

Caroline said...

bianca- thank you! im very excited to finish reading it.
ana- sure i'll trade links! i've lived in italy/traveled there my whole life. i know the streets of Firenze better than I know my own town here in the US. haha :)
anonymous- thanks! as for the makeup/liquids, i bought little shampoos and what not, so im hoping i should be alright. if not i'll just buy some when i get there. i think i'm allowed to take the makeup least I hope!

Stephanie said...

Caught with weed & cigarettes, haha. I know I'm a cliche.

Wendy said...

Catcher in the Rye is such a good book. You will definitely be entertained!

Gosh, the red dress is amazing!

Caroline said...

wendy, thank you darling :)

MyOwnBiggestFan said...

I loveeeeeee Frank's song! Fly me to the mooonnnnn, let me playyyy amongst the starrrssss. lol


cinderella said...


Caroline said...

sure! thank you :)

lee jones said...

the catcher in the rye is amazinggg. have fun in italy : D

Riley said...

haha looks like you did some good packing! want to link??

Caroline said...

sure! thank you :)