Wednesday, January 16

the new raybans?!? oh no. first trend spot.

We may have a problem on our hands.
I saw a photo of Mary-Kate Olsen wearing these glasses, but I never considered they would catch on because they are THAT bad.

I realize that they are iconic. (thanks to our dear friend John Lennon) Almost 40 years ago, he wore gold little circle glasses that have gone on a bidding war for millions of dollars recently.

but the madness doesnt stop there. I bought the most recent Elle magazine (not usually a fan, but I was impressed with what I saw.)
This photo (among other GORGEOUS photos in this spread) shows the model wearing this new trend.

so are you going to go run out to your local vintage shop or wait it out?
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Stephanie said...

I think they're pretty cool, hopefully they won't catch on though as it could easily ruin the look for me. The Luella batman sunglasses are pretty damn amazing as well.

serena said...

i def. like the idea of these new sunnies! I'd probably not wear them b/c they're a little out there, but they do look very good on mk and elle's model