Wednesday, January 16

Uniforms that aren't so uniform.

So, I've been working on this for a few days, and I've decided there are enough to post.
I wanted to do a post showing that you can make your uniform interesting and little details go a long way in setting you out from the rest.
I've seen some amazing prints and patterns, but not all were caught on camera. (I may do another post on this later if this goes over well.)
There are a few school rules you should understand before judging these outfits-
No jewelary.
No crazy hair...
Shirts must be tucked in.
No sandals or flip flops. ( but its freezing out)

pretty basic if you ask these few I found had fun color mixes, (never thought of red tights with light blue flats! how cute.) ethnic scarves all over, due to many just got back from italy... and even a boy in a navy trench.
also, keep in mind we are a small boarding school...consisting of about 150 and many are small town kids.

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Anonymous said...

good ideas, i guess...but at my school we can only wear certain kinda/colors of socks and shoes and no outer wear during school and no hats or, it really didn't help me out much...but it was a good post!