Thursday, February 21

it's a magical place

well bloggers, i'm here safe and sound.
90 degrees and humid as hell.
right on the beach though!
I will talk to you all when I get back.
tons of photos to come!


Marilyn Hayward said...

I am jealous beyond belief. We just got three inches of snow...

Caroline said...

ew yucky! i have to come back to it in a week. i've just been sleeping on the beach and listening to the waves and trying to soak everything in as much as possible. haha.

bianca banca said...

but by any chance is your dad named Harvey....because my dad knows a guy named harvey who went to belize a few days ago with his fam.
and i though, wouldnt that be weird if he was your dad
hahah, well im glad your having fun!!

bianca banca said...

Oh!! well thats nice! hope the remainder of your trip is sweet!

lee jones said...

can't wait till you get back so i can see those photos.

have fun : )