Monday, March 3

back down to earth.

 {photo taken by me.}

talk about a HUGE reality check.
this past week I spent in Belize was incredible.
I got to meet beautiful children, and build the community a church.
It may not have been my "finest moment" fashion wise
considering it was 105 degrees with 95% humidity
but it really grounded me.

It may take me a day or two to get all caught up
but I will be posting my photography along with other things everyday
 I got some amazing shots.

all of my love.


Andy said...

wooow. it was SOOOOOOOOOOO hot ?!????! 105 degrees, are u sure ?! it looks like its impossible, lol. i can't wait to see your pictures!

Caroline said...

no joke! it was a killer. i dont mind heat, but humidity was what got me.