Sunday, March 23

outfit for your enjoyment.

shirt, H&M
shoes, H&M
jeans, who knows
sweater, Urban Outiftters
Sunglasses, my friends
necklace, my new diamonds!

my mum says I looked like her and her friends in the 70's.
I enjoyed that.
My parents gave me an early graduation present- a diamond snowflake pendent!
It is so gorgeous.
my first diamonds!


Wendy said...

Those sunglasses remind me of Chanel, very glam!

Caroline said...

that was my first thought too! i don't want to give them back to my friend, im very torn. haha

Fidget Finds said...

that outfit is great, very cool and casual. that mustard yellow that is the color of your cardigan is one of my favorites.

Tam Pham said...

LOVE the outfit! Love your blog! If you don't mind, I'm going to add your blog to my blogroll so I don't have to type it in everytime! :-)

Anonymous said...

dark, slimmer leg pants would look better with the outfit

the ones you are wearing now do nothing for your gorgeous figure!

addicted said...

the pop of yellow is key, so vibrant and fresh! i like!