Saturday, March 22

bring your own hat

This new hat makes every outfit look and feel so much more relaxed.
I'll get around to putting together some outfits tomorrow.


*Flora. said...

hi there!
thy for your commect.
like your blog too.
just added you to my 'hang-out' bloglist.
would be cool to trade links so you add me to yours too.
anyway, have a lovely day.
happy eastern!

Eleh said...

is that a straw hat? it looks like it to me. i have been searching for one as pretty as yours but it's so hard to find it over here!

Wendy said...

Its adorable, perfect for the spring and upcoming summer!

Nay'Chelle said...

I love your hat!

It makes me think of old men in Brazil sitting on a porch playinig dominos while smoking cigars.

Wow, that was pretty detailed, but it was the first image that cam to my mind. Great hat. It's pretty awesome I must say.

Caroline said...

why thank you ladies! nay'chelle, that is so funny! thank you :)

Aindrea said...

i love the hat! i'm not really a hat person, but it looks great on you :)

btw, would you like the link blogs? let me know x

Bojana said...

Very cool outfit!

wendybird. said...

love the hat! i am such a hat girl, myself. especially love it when paired with the green/teal colour. fabulous. a purple would look so great, too.