Saturday, March 22


Sandals, H&M $14.90
Shirt, H&M $7.90
Hat, Urban Outiftters $28

Outfit soon!


The Fashion Connection said...

cute :)

Caroline said...


bianca banca said...

I love all your buys!
ah, i cant wait to see an outfit with that hat(hopefully you'll post one).
Ah. thanks for the comment. Jim Sturges(sp?) is amazing. Max(im not sure of the actors name) is pretty cute too, and Evan rachel wood has matured so much since i last saw her in thirteen....i believe she has been in some other movies, but thirteen was the last one I saw. i am watching across the universe again today. It is definitely one of those movies you can watch over and over

Sammie said...

sweet buys. i love the sandals!

capturedlife said...

love the sandalds
wanna see the outfit!!

capturedlife said...

dont forget to blog girl:)
we're all excited about the new post!