Friday, March 21

The vintage of Firenze

I thought I might share some fun things with all of you
who are traveling to Florence, Italy this summer.
With the streets packed with overly loud Americans (sorry, it's true)
and other pushy tourists, I had to find my "secret spots".
I stumbled across some pretty unknown vintage stores you might enjoy,
first being Pitti Vintage

{Photo taken by me}
Everything from dresses from the 1920's to nikes from the 80's.
They have great little finds, but it can get a little expensive
especially with our dollar doing so poorly.

Location: Sdrucciolo Dei Pitti 19/R
Florence, IT
near the Pitti Palace

The next store I don't know the name of
nor do I have an address.
but it is located near the Ponte Vecchio, on the street
Lungamo degli Acciaioli ( and this is if I remember correctly)
It has vintage designer items
that are reasonably priced,
but they also sell some independent designer items
from locals.
and who would I be if I didn't have a photo?

{photo of me and a friend}
Vintage Vivian Westwood shoes!
Too bad they were 150 euro, totaling to about $200 then.



Kool Thing said...

Those white/cream shoes are amazing!! Oh my God, I love them!


the box is so cute, but those are such expensive shoes.. especially if theyre wintage, but i guess it makes sense because its vivian westwood.

Sheryl Wong said...

the packaging really caught my eye, I love the pink ribbon and the fonts! The shoes look great!

saray said...

the shoes are amazing!!

Belle said...

i think my feet would shrivel in inadequacy if they came even near vivian westwood shoes.

Caroline said...

i was amazed by them, i won't lie. we walked around the store in them forever, and the owner was loving it. she even took pictures of us. hahaha

Mara said...

i have that dress!