Wednesday, March 19

getting official

quick post. I'm thinking about switching over to a more convenient domain name. It will (obviously) be
Is it worth it? Let me know what you think!


Ana said...

hmm I was thinking about doing that to but decided it might be hard getting everyone to change their links.
I love your outfit below. Coincidentially a girl recently told me I should live in NYC

Nay'Chelle said...

I think you should keep your URL. Like Ana said it would be tedious to get the word out aboutthe switch, and some people might not changetheir links.

M* said...

Thank you!!
Are you really from Italy?
God, I love the hat you wore on your last outfit!!

Aisha said...

love the beanie in the previous post :)

I think you should keep this URL too.

Caroline said...

thanks for the feedback everyone! i think i will keep it, for now at least. you all make en excellent point.

m*- yeah! i do in the summer. i study there, and visit a lot because of family and friends. it is my second home.