Tuesday, March 18

they're watching her with eyes closed.

shirt, jcrew
skirt, H&M
boots, Urban Outfitters
hat, Aunts from the 70's

My adorable suite-mate told me
that I don't look like I'm from here.
"You look like you should be from London.
That outfit is very London-ish."
Whether "London-ish" is a word or not,
it was very sweet.
I am in constant denial of my current location.


Anonymous said...

cute! i love that hat

Nay'Chelle said...

I love your skirt!

I've been told that an outfit I wore looked "very British". lol.

Caroline said...

thanks guys :)

Ranna said...

It is London-ish in a really good way!
I think I'm in love with that beret of yours. :)

aficionada said...

your style is super cute! & chic! glad i came across your blog (:

Caroline said...

oh, im happy you found me! im glad you enjoy it.

ranna- thank you! i don't use it as much as i should.

lee jones said...

cute outfit : D

Stephanie said...

Very cute, I like the boots and beret. I've been told I looked "vogue-ish" before, haha.

Caroline said...

thanks you two :) hahaha how is "vogue-ish" classified? sometimes what people say, honestly. hahaha

Mary Kate said...

I want those boots


i love it, the colors, everything!

runway today said...

Love the colot of your skirt!