Tuesday, March 18

market mayhem.

On Sunday, some of us went to a nearby market 
that sells just about every kind of food you can imagine.
If you've been to Quincy Market in Boston, its the mini version of that.
Found this fun little piece:

but I had no way of trying it on.
The detailing and sleeves were amazing, though.

I can't believe I'm actually blogging about this
but I ate the best ice cream while we were there.
Are you ready for this?
Wild Berry LAVENDER.
SO good.

I can't ever pass up a chance to try something new.


Seraphine said...

Yumm, I'm really in the mood for ice cream now. Wild berry is insanely awesome... but lavender? Is that the color or a flavor?

Caroline said...

yeah! lavender is the flavor mixed in with the berry. lavender is a flower/herb. but it added a great little flavor among the typical wild berry.

soph n terr said...

yeah that actually sounds really good. i forget what it was but i've had something that it flower flavored and it was really really delicious.

AsianCajuns said...

What a great shirt and that ice cream sounds delicious!

Kool Thing said...

That sounds delicious, I love Lavender! I once tried green tea ice cream and sesame ice cream at a sushi restaurant!