Monday, March 17

Photo of the Week: Edelweiss

This photo will be seen in the next issue
of Natures Best Photographers.
It will hit stands mid-April, so be sure
to go pick one up! It will also have
a letter to the editor from me.

I'm spending the day in bed
because I'm pretty sick, yet again.
Hopefully I can get a book read.


Currently Reading: 
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini


bianca banca said...

YAY, thats so awesome
that picture is positively gorgeous and thats so cool it will be featured in a magazine!

Pater Deliciosus said...

Edelweiss, oh wie schön!

Caroline said...

thank yoou! im quite excited about it all.

Elise said...

wow! congrats!

Gabriela said...

this picture is incredible! wwhat kind of camera do you use?

Caroline said...

thank you! i use a Canon digital rebel. its older, but still amazing.