Saturday, March 15

preview of things to come

Meet my backyard.
I ran around barefoot, rubbed up against poision ivy, and climbed these trees in my childhood.
It's only appropriate that I take photos of it all.
These are examples of my new way of photography and outfits combined.

The cape is my moms, vintage from Ireland.
I found it in our front hanging closet!
I plan on putting it to good use while I can. 

tell me if you enjoy the new style of doing things? yeah, cool.


sridevi said...

Thanks so much :) I love yours as well! Your photography is stunning. I especially loved the ones from Belize.

Caroline said...

ah thanks :)

Jennifer said...

That cape is so chic! i love it...and the photography style i enjoy very much!! thans for checking out my blog!!!


elise said...

wow those are some great shots, i love your expression in the third one.

Caroline said...

thank you both! im glad you enjoy it.

Wendy said...

The first photo is so gorgeous, looked like it came straight out of an editorial!

Caroline said...

thanks, darling! :) It took forever to get these shots, believe it or not. I wanted to add a softness to the harsh background, but that wasn't easy considering I felt like crap and I was cold. haha

Kool Thing said...

I need a cloak/cape type thing. You look so cosy and warm!

a side order of style said...

wow you have a huge backyard, or so thats the effect i get. The cape Is great & brilliant photos