Monday, March 31

Prim Magazine's debut!

{Photo of me on this months cover of Prim}

If you haven't already heard,
Prim has officially arrived.
and guess who took the cover shot?!
You can check out the whole magazine and its beauty 


sridevi said...

Great photo! I can't wait till the next issue, I like contributing haha

Nay'Chelle said...

That's you? I would have never known! Maybe that's why I love that

AFitz said...

I didn't realise you took the picture till I followed the link from the magazine.

It's a gorgeous photo!

Join the prim facebook group!

Caroline said...

up thats me! just randomally took it while i was playing around with the different white balances on my camera.
i can't figure out how to use facebook, honestly. i've tried figuring it out, but its too much. haha!

Style Scout said...

Hi Caroline, we love that you like The Style Scout! Let's exchange links for sure.

Take care!

Sam said...

that's so cool!
love the picture!!